Monday, March 9, 2009

Week Prayer for North American Missions: Hostility In America

As we finish our series on the week of Prayer for North American missions, I want us to focus on a tragedy that took place on Sunday morning. In Illinois, a Baptist pastor was shot to death during the early morning church service. Investigators are still looking into the case and will be charging the murderer. Before the man could, what seemed to be, commit suicide, some of the members of the church subdued the man, but by then, the pastor had already died. One bullet struck the pastors Bible.

As we have already seen, hostility and persecution happen around the world and America is no different. Although such an attack, at this magnitude, is rare and surprising, what a testimony it is to be willing to die for the Lord. Let us pray for this pastors family and let us pray for the church as they have an amazing opportunity to illustrate the gospel and bring more to Christ.
During tragedies like this, we oftentimes find ourselves asking why has God allowed such a thing. We must always return to seeking God's glory. The history of Church is full of such tragedies. Much blood has been spilt on account of being a follower of Christ. However, God has used such tragedies to further the gospel. So although we weep and pray for healing and comfort for the family and church for this pastor, let us pray that the gospel might flourish, a revival might begin, and ultimately, that God will be glorified.

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