Friday, March 6, 2009

Week of Prayer For North American Missions: From the President

Since I accidently forgot to post yesterday, I am posting two today. This time, I simply want to encourage you to watch a video posted by the President of the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. I haven't had the chance to see all of this, but I did find it interesting. Here is the story that went along with it.

You’ve probably experienced it. The storm rolled in without warning. You made a dash for inside. Maybe you were too late and got soaked. Maybe you made it with seconds to spare. Either way, you moved with urgency, knowing what would happen if you didn’t!

Try to imagine the consequences that face more than 251 million people in North America who are lost. Very few would debate that North America is a mission field. Open today's newspaper or your Web browser to a news page, and you'll see evidence of lives in sin and sorrow.

People need Jesus Christ! Jesus died on the cross for each person living in this land, but so many have never heard or responded to the good news of Jesus Christ. Many are putting their trust in money and in man, and are learning the disappointment of doing so. They are truly caught in a great storm—hopeless—unless we tell them about Jesus and they decide to run into His loving arms. Christians know our trust and hope is in Jesus alone. We must sow down the gospel together to ensure that there is a harvest of souls won for Christ.

The task before us requires urgency. No procrastination. No excuses. Just bold and determined dedication in word and deed. This is a spiritual battle that we cannot lose!

Jesus gives us the mandate to go, but He also says we need to do it together. We must sow together for harvest, sharing the gospel with everyone, everywhere, and by every means possible. More than 5,600 North American missionaries are working alongside your church in the field, sowing with a passion and commitment to serve Christ in all they do. They are reaping a great harvest; however, more missionaries are needed if we are to fulfill the Great Commission.

Your generous gifts to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® allow us to saturate the fields with seeds of the gospel for God’s glory. Our goal this year is $65 million—a truly God-size goal, but one that can be reached as Southern Baptists see the mission field that is North America and join us in living with urgency, sowing together for harvest.

As you participate in this North American Missions Emphasis, I urge you to do more than just watch and listen. Please pray fervently for North American missionaries. Please give generously to North American missions through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Please join us this urgent mission of sowing together for harvest!

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