Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Week of Prayer For North American Missions: Is There Nothing Again Gong To Be Done?

"Is there nothing again going to be done sir?" With those words the modern mission movement was launched. William Carey, the father of the modern mission movement, was called by God to spread the gospel to those who had not heard the message of the good news of Christ. After presenting his case for world missions, Carey called for his congregation to do something. As the service seemed to be coming to a close, Carey looked at the leaders and asked that question: "is there nothing again going to be done sir?"

Carey was driven with a desire to see the lost redeemed. Though he faced many difficulties and hardships, Carey persevered and thanks to his dedication and service, many were saved, Bibles were translated, and the message of the cross was and continues to be spread around the world.

Carey's question still applies today. Are we to continue to do nothing about the lost souls around us? Will we continue to ignore the calling that God has given us? Will we continue to think that giving is enough? That praying is enough? While at the same time ignoring the world of sin, death, and hell around us? The world is desperate for the gospel and too often we sigh.

Carey was a man who had no excuse to give to God. He refused to let expenses, time, energy, education, or ability above the calling God had on his life. Because of his faithfulness to his Savior, many are worshiping at the foot of the throne with him today. Praise God for men like Carey!

So, will we again do nothing? Or will we do something about the lost world around us? Praying for North American missions is important. But giving lip service is not enough. Where is God calling you too? Are you being faithful? Or are you doing nothing again sir?

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