Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 12, 2011 | Job - Saving Faith is Persevering Faith: Job and the Suffering of the Righteous

Though we are done with the book of Habakkuk, we are continuing our discussion on suffering by looking at various passages in Scripture on the subject.  The Book of Job is really the standard text, like Habakkuk, that seeks to answer the question of theodicy (the problem of evil).  I believe that if we understand Job, we will be able to suffer well.  Remember the three key doctrines of God that apply here:  Sovereignty, Providence, and Immutability (God does not change).  If God is Sovereign we can trust that He will be glorified in the end and no amount of evil or suffering will thwart that.  If God is Provident then we can hope that He remains in control and He will be glorified through us.  God remains on His throne and we are part of His plan.  Finally, if God is Immutable, then we have the assurance that the God of Scripture is still the God of today.

Remember, the God of the cross is still the God of the resurrection.


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