Friday, June 17, 2011

On Toilet Paper and Mission Work: Ezell's Report at the SBC

The Southern Baptist Convention met this past week concluding just the other day.  Though I did not attend, I have been trying to stay caught up on what has been going on at the national convention.  One of the parts I was most anticipating was the North American Mission Board report by NAMB President Kevin Ezell.  I anticipated his report because he has said before that he was going to have to level with the convention.  Southern Baptists, as he rightly stated, love numbers and have a history of inflating numbers to make us look bigger, better, and more powerful.  A lot of it is misleading.

I strongly encourage you to watch his report. I can excited for the future and direction of the North American Mission Board and this year our church will focus more on missions, mission giving, the Cooperative Program, etc.  With leadership like Ezell, I am confident that our money will not be wasted.  As Ezell shows, he has cut out a lot of the bureaucracy in order to free up more money and resources to go towards local and foreign missionaries.  That is music to my ears!!

Part 1:

Part 2:

My favorite line (and point) regards his line about Wal-mart toilet paper. If Wal-mart can track when each roll of toilet paper is sold, surely Southern Baptists ought to be able to track where they send missionaries, where churches are planted, etc. Dido Ezell!

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