Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Word From the Pastor - October 2010

Here is the Word From the Pastor from the October newsletter.  Sorry I'm a little late.

Two hundred and two years is a long time.  At the founding of our church, America had been a nation for only 32 years.  Thomas Jefferson was President.  And Kentucky had been a state for only 18 years.  If we really believe in Divine Providence then we must accept that God, in His Sovereignty, has been using our church for His glory.  Without a doubt, Goshen has been a place of faithful gospel ministry for over two centuries.  The challenge we face today concerns not the past, but the future.  After celebrating yet another anniversary of our church, let us be reminded that we stand on the shoulders of giants.  Will we continue the legacy of gospel proclamation or will we become consumed with programs, church politics, personal agenda’s, divisions, and selfish pride?  As we go forth let us stand on the firm foundation of the gospel and as a member of Goshen, founded by God, let us use our gifts and take advantage of the opportunities God gives us everyday to further His Kingdom and proclaim the gospel of Christ.  Let this be a time of celebration of the past & anticipation of what God will do, through us, in the future.  Let us be a church formed by God for His glory and not a church centered on our own glory with our own message.

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