Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christian Comedy: Church Greeters and Hand Sanitizers - Tim Hawkins

I thought this video was hilarious.  It comes from a Christian comedian making fun of us Christians.  This is great!

HT:  Trevin Wax 


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Tim Hawkins. He is so funny. As a fellow Christian, would you consider checking out my CLEAN comedy blog? I post funny stories, satire and such - new stuff nearly every day. Never profane, never risque.

Consider becoming a follower... Thank you so much!

- Wally J

mope said...

I am looking for upcoming comedians for a comedy and entertainment night at my church. This program is not for profit but to help everyone relax and fun in God's presence. Therefore, we would really like a comedian who understands the value of bringing this joy to God's people.