Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tozer on Holiness

Perhaps some of the most insightful bites I have come across this week regarding the holiness of God comes from A. W. Tozer's wonderful book, The knowledge of the holy: The attributes of God: their meaning in the Christian life  Just consider some of the following quotes:

Until we have see ourselves as God sees us, we are not likely to be much disturbed over conditions around us as long as they do not get so far out of hand as to threaten our comfortable way of life.  We have learned to live with unholiness and have come to look upon it as the natural and expected thing.  -110

Neither the writer nor the reader of these words is qualified to appreciate the holiness of God.  Quite literally a new channel must be cut through the desert of our minds to allow the sweet waters of truth that will heal our great sickness to flow in.  We cannot grasp the true meaning of the divine holiness by thinking of someone or something very pure and then raising the concept to the highest degree we are capable of.  God’s holiness is not simply the best we know infinitely bettered.  We know nothing like the divine holiness.  It stands apart, unique, and unapproachable, incomprehensible and unattainable.  The natural man is blind to it.  He may fear God’s power and admire His wisdom, but His holiness he cannot even imagine.   -111

Holy is the way God is.  To be holy He does not conform to a standard.  He is that standard.  He is absolutely holy with an infinite, incomprehensible fullness of purity that is incapable of being other than it is.  Because He is holy, all His attributes are holy; that is, whatever we think of as belonging to God must be thought of as holy.  -112-113

This holiness God can and does impart to His children.  He shares it with them by imputation and by impartation, and because He has made it available to them through the blood of the Lamb, He requires it of them.  -113

Some great words here, especially that last paragraph.  When we study the holiness of God, let us always be reminded that such holiness was present in Christ and through the cross and resurrection, our unrightesouness is forgiven and we are given a new, righteous, holy nature.

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