Friday, July 30, 2010

A Word From the Pastor - July 2010

The following appeared in the July 2010 newsletter.

How will Goshen be remembered?  The question of legacy is a question we all ask.  When we die and are buried, how will people remember us?  But what about Goshen?  God has used Goshen for 202 years to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and we are about to celebrate that anniversary.  Have we been so faithful?  The church is built on the gospel – not programs, pastors, budgets, or congregation size.  When our story is told, will we be remembered in the annuls of heaven as a church, so long as she breathed, proclaimed the gospel?  It is tempting in our day today to get distracted by everything but the gospel.  But let us not so easily be distracted.  In all that we do – our programs, our services, our worship, our study of Scripture, our families, our business meetings, whatever – let us be a church shaped and convicted by the gospel.  The longer I live and the longer I serve as a believer and minister, the more I am convinced that our only hope – from birth to death – is the gospel.  Let us live with the same conviction and let our church never cower from proclaiming the saving message of Christ.

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