Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bonhoeffer on Treasures in Heaven

We return once again to Dietrich Bonhoeffer whose book The Cost of Discipleship is insightful and a good read and covers the Sermon on the Mount.  I have mentioned the book before on this site and so I won't go into more detail here (see the links at the bottom for more).  I particularly liked and wanted to highlighted what Bonhoeffer had to say about our text this week, Matthew 6:19-24:

The life of discipleship can only be maintained so long as nothing is allowed to come b/t Christ and ourselves – neither the law, nor personal piety, nor even the world.  The disciple always looks only t his master, never to Christ and the law, Christ and religion.  Christ and the world.  He avoids all such notions like the plague.  Only by following Christ alone can he preserve a single eye.  His eye rests wholly on the light that comes from Christ, and has no darkness or ambiguity in it.  As the ye must be single, clear and pure in order to keep light in the body, as hand and foot can receive light from no other source save the eye, as the foot stumbles and the hand misses its mark when the eye is dim, as the whole body is in darkness when the eye is blind; so the follower of Christ is in the light only so long as he looks simply to Christ and at nothing else in the world.  Thus the heart of the disciple must be set upon Christ alone.  If the eye sees an object which is not there, the whole body is deceived.  If the heart is devoted to the mirage of the world to the creature instead of the Creator, the disciple is lost. -173-174

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