Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Treasures in Heaven and the Great Commission: An Important and Timely Sermon

Throughout the week I listen to countless sermons and lectures on whatever text we study on Sunday morning, Sunday night, Sunday School, or Wednesday night.  I am now sitting in my office studying for Sunday morning and find myself listening to an important sermon by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary professor Dr. Al Jackson on Matthew 6:19-24.

What makes this sermon important isn't just the great exposition of the text but also with how it applies to the Great Commission Resurgence.  The GCR is an Southern Baptist movement to take the gospel to the nations.  The title of the sermon is The American Dream as an Obstacle for a Great Commission Resurgence.  So if you have an extra 40 minutes I encourage you to listen to this sermon and think seriously about the text and how it applies to our giving to the Cooperative Program and missions.  Will we store up for ourselves treasure and earth which are temporal or treasures in heaven (and sow the gospel among the nations) which are eternal?

Al Jackson - The American Dream, an Obstacle for a Great Commission Resurgence from Southeastern Seminary on Vimeo.

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