Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still Surviving The Storm

The more I think about it, the more that title sounds like a gospel song.? Anyways, I just wanted to updated everyone one Amanda, Elijah, and I's situation in light of the recent winter storm that we have been experiencing all week. Tuesday our power went out, as it did for most Kentuckians. And being that Elijah is only 3 1/2 months old, we sought refuge and found it at Betty Phillips house. We remained there until Friday morning when the power at the house came on. Shortly upon arriving at the parsonage, the power went out again due to the melting ice on the power lines.

Therefore, we fled to Owensboro to my great-uncle's house. In fact, this is where we are right now. It is late, everyone is asleep, and I finally have some time to try to update some of the people at the church. The three of us plan on returning home early Sunday morning (by the way, church is cancelled)

I pray that God has protected and provided for everyone during this difficult week. I realize that most will not have any power for perhaps another week or so. Virtually all of the county's phone lines are down. Even cell phones aren't hardly working. And though I don't suspect many will be able to access this site, I wanted to update anyone I could on our situation and encourage everyone to persevere through this difficult time.

All week, I have been struck by the amazing beauty of outside. I love ice storms, especially whenever the sun is setting. I just really enjoy walking outside and enjoying God's creation and His gift of ice. The problem, however, is what happens during an ice storm: power outages, freezing weather, no water, etc.

I am reminded on this one thing: many of the things that we find so attractive can be the most deadly. In life, we find ourselves attracted to the things that we should fear rather than celebrate the things that are pure and lovely. I love ice storms, but I would much rather it always be spring (minus the tornadoes) and remain safe. Praying for an ice storm and getting it is not always the best thing in the world. Like all people, this has not been a fun week.

And so as we continue to clean up and get our power turned back on, let us learn the lesson that throughout all of life, sin is oftentimes the most attractive thing, but at the same time, the deadliest. Just like winter storms.

I pray that everyone is doing well and we will see each other soon in worship!

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