Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Revelation Bible Study Notes Now Online

A few years ago, I went through the book of Revelation in some great detail with some of our youth and some of the adults in the family and in the church. Since we are marching through Revelation, chapter-by-chapter, at the men's breakfast every month, I thought that it might be helpful to make my notes available online. I pray that they help as we walk through this difficult book.

However, one must be warned that I have Greek words and letters in my notes without them being transliterated. So other than that, hopefully they will still be understandable. It's not all Greek. Also, the notes begin at chapter 6. This is because prior to meeting at my parents house, we had gone through chapter 5 and I did not use detailed notes. Therefore, the notes now available online begin at chapter 6.

You can download my notes by clicking here.

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