Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekly Recommendation: "The Message of the Old Testament"

On Wednesday nights, we are walking through the Bible and learning about what it contains, why it matters, and the overall message of Scripture. We are calling it, "The Bible: God's Divine Story. The Failure of Man and the Triumph of God." This Wednesday, we will begin by looking at the Torah - Genesis through Deuteronomy.

Therefore, I want to recommend a book by Dr. Mark Dever that lays out a good survey of each Old Testament book, their message, their meaning, and why it matters. The book is called, "The Message of the Old Testament: Promises Made." If you are interested in understanding better the Bible and it's message, I highly recommend this book, and any book by Dever for that matter.

As Christians, we have the responsibility of understanding, knowing, obeying, and sharing God's Word. Here is a great resource to help us fulfill that responsibility. Let us be obedient and learn from His Word.

Our Series:

  • Gensis-Deuteronomy: Failure of Legalism
  • Joshua-Ruth: Failture of Liberty
  • 1 Samuel-Esther: Failure of Leglisation
  • Job-Song of Solomon: Failure of Literature
  • Isaiah-Malachi: Failure of Lamentation
  • Matthew-John: Triump of the Cross
  • Acts: Triump of the Church
  • Romans-Jude: Triump of Christian Living
  • Revelation: Triump of Christ

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