Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bibledex on Jonah

Here is the video from the folks at Bibledex.  I must say I am surprised that they don't come out and reject the historicity of the book.  They in fact, almost ignore some of the modern criticism's of the book which is unlike them.  So in that sense, this is perhaps my favorite they have done thus far.

They have also put together a second video with more footage from theologians talking about Jonah. Unlike the video above, one scholar emphasizes that Jonah is a satire.  Although I agree there are satire in the story, I do not believe that the story itself is only satire.  Just like Jesus used satire and humor in His ministry, so too the writer of Jonah offers a historical tale weaving in satire to make an even finer point.  Here it is:

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