Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bibledex on Luke

Here is the video from the folks at Bibledex on the Gospel of Luke.  Like always, I don't like everything in the video, but it at least raises some of the stories and issues surrounding the the book.  One thing I didn't like is how at the very beginning the video notes, via one of its scholars, that Luke focuses on the poor, the marginalized, and women.  This is true, but this is not his primary perspective.  Many social gospel leaders point to Luke and Jesus' emphasis on the poor, but they forget that Luke was sponsored by a rich man Theophilus (Luke 1:1-4).

Anyways, the picture to the left is the traditional symbol of Luke's gospel and it is that of an ox or a bull.  The reason for this symbol (remember that John's was an eagle who can look directly at the sun) is because Luke opens and ends with a sacrifice.  At the beginning there is mention of the sacrifice Zachariah was offering when he discovered his wife was pregnant and at the end is the sacrifice of Jesus.  As a result, many use the ox or bull to point Christians towards the command to sacrifice all like Christ.  Or as Luke records Christ, "pick up your cross and follow" Jesus.

Here's the video:

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