Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tabletalk Magazine on the Gospel of Luke

A small magazine that I would recommend is called Tabletalk and comes from Ligonier Ministry which is the ministry of RC Sproul.  Back in February 2009, the magazine highlighted each of the Four Gospels and they are available online.  I recommend we read each of them, but being that tonight we'll be looking at Luke, I want to especially highlight it.  It is a good summary of the book and a good place to start to understanding this important Gospel.

Robert Rothwell, the article's author, concludes:

Humanly speaking, nothing required Luke to record these aspects of Jesus’ life and ministry. He could have chosen other events to describe, for he, just like the other Evangelists, had no shortage of material from which to draw upon (John 21:25). Under the direction of God the Holy Spirit, however, Luke gave us a gospel that shows the historicity of the Christian faith and emphasizes the Almighty’s concern for Gentiles and other outcasts. We can be grateful for these emphases because they give all of us who have been cast out of the kingdom on account of our sin, Jew and Gentile alike, real hope that God has intervened in history and will not regard forever as outcasts all those who believe on His Son.

Tabletalk Magazine February 2009 - The Witness of Luke 

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