Thursday, January 28, 2010

Light of the World: Pentecost Weighs In

While I was studying Matthew 5:14-16 this week, I came across the following quote from Dwight Pentecost:

The nature of light is to shine. There is no such thing as light that does not communicate itself. There is no such thing as self-contained light. Light may originate in a distant star and travel a span of light-years, but it does not get tired of shining and cease to shine. Its nature is to shine. Christ says He has made us lights in the world, and we are not self-contained. It is the nature of the child of God who has been made light to communicate the light given to him. -The Sermon on the Mount, 81

This really encourged and exhorted me. There is no such thing as self-contained light, and yet we live like it everyday. We look more like camoflauged creatures than radiant light or cities on a hill.

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