Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Luther and the Necessity of Theology

I have recently written an article regarding the necessity of right theology in order to have right living. This was the launching pad of the Reformation from Luther's perspective. He uncovered the gospel and understood that the immorality of his day was due to bad theology. Right theology ultimately leads to righteous living.

I encourage you to read the article.


A few quotes:

Recently, I came across a few quotes worth considering:

"Bad doctrine is a thousand times more harmful than a bad life."

"Where doctrine is not right, it is impossible for life to be right and good: for life must be prepared by doctrine and must follow it." . . .

Luther understood that the answer to the Church's problems wasn't more morality, but an undiluted gospel. These words of Luther need to be heard and understood. Today, most Christians are callas regarding theology. We hate division and seek to get around debate. We all too often find issues of theology not worth our time. As Luther saw in his day and as we see in ours, our bad theology shows . . .

What we need is a return to right theology. What we need is to uncover, once again, the pure gospel as revealed in Scripture. That is where the power of the Spirit lies: the gospel. If we really want to change the world, it won't be through politicians and trying harder and doing better next time, it will be whenever Christians return to the cross and right doctrine and allow the Spirit to change us through the power of the cross and the empty tomb.

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