Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Brief Biography of Goshen's First Pastor

The first pastor of Goshen Baptist Church served our congregation twice - 1810-1815 and 1827-1834. Put together, he remains one of the longest serving pastors in Goshen's history. I happened to come across the following brief biography of him online. Here it is:
James H. L. Moorman was the most prominent preacher in Goshen Association, in his generation. He was a native of Virginia, and was raised up to the ministry, in Little Otter church, in Bedford County. He commenced exercising in public during a great revival which prevailed in that church, in 1801-3, and was soon afterwards ordained to its pastoral care. About 1810, he moved to Kentucky, and settled in Hardin county, where he united with Behtel church. But having been called to the care of Goshen church, he moved to its vicinity, in Breckinridge county. The county was thinly settled, at that time, and Goshen was the only church in the county, as Mr. Moorman was probably the only preacher. As he was a man of better education than most of the settlers, he was called to fill the office of justice of the peace, and, afterwards, that of sherrif of his county. However, he was active and zealous in the ministry, and aided in laying the foundation of a number of churches. In 1829, he gathered a small church in the village of Cloverport, and became its pastor. He was a warm advocate of missions, and was one of the first collectiong agents of the Executive Board of Kentucky Baptist Convention. He assumed the duties of this office, the first of March, 1834. His labors were prosecuted with much zeal and efficiency, for more than three months, when he was suddenly called, by the messenger death, to his final reward. June 7, 1834.
Mr. Moorman was a preacher of superior ability, and it is much regretted that more particulars of his useful life have not been preserved. He was of an extensive family, many of whom have been prominent citizens and valuable church members, in Breckinridge and the surrounding counties.
You can read more about him in J. Spencer's classic A History of Kentucky Baptists from 1769 to 1888 for free online.

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