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Archeological & Historical Evidence of the Exodus

Sunday we surveyed the story of Exodus in our study of the doctrine of redemption. The prototype of what the Bible means by "redemption" is the Exodus story. Thus redemption includes freedom from bondage and a leading to the promise land. In light of that I was reminded of our study of Exodus a number of months ago and some of the resources I posted in light of it. Below is one of those posts in addition to other resources available on the book of Exodus you might find beneficial.

I must admit that the archeological and historical challenges surrounding the Exodus and Israel in Egypt have been a difficult part for me. I have been told for years that there was no evidence that Israel had ever been in Egypt, that they were redeemed by a former, adopted prince of Egypt, and that they wondered in the desert for 40 years. Though I have since learned that there is some evidence supporting the contrary, I have not heard much scholarship supporting the biblical record. Below is a video suggesting that there is in fact evidence of Israel in Egypt and the Exodus and it comes from a respectable scholar. Though I have not seen all of this lecture yet, but this is a great presentation showing evidence of Israel in Egypt and the Exodus.

Lecture with Dr. James Hoffmeier from Lanier Theological Library on Vimeo

HT: Justin Taylor

I would also point you to this History Channel special that I saw parts of a few years ago that seeks to show that there is some evidence of the Exodus and Israel in Egypt. The host tries to make a natural explanation for the supernatural events, but I post it only because there are some interesting points made. The host has been known to make some wild, inaccurate claims before perhaps most famously is his assertion that the lost tomb of Jesus had been found.

Also consider this exciting movie called the Search For the Real Mount Sinai.

Originally published February 25, 2012

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