Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Love Ruthie - Narrated by Alistair Begg

It can't be true, I can't go on,
Oh everything we had is gone
Naomi wept, poor Ruthie cried,
Naomi's precious sons had died.
And oh one precious priceless son,
Naomi's son,
that very one
Was Ruthie's husband.

Lord above--Our one and only one true love.
Now sometimes when it rains, it pours,
And this time it would pour for sure.
For evil people ruled the land,
As evil people sometimes can.
And sometimes will and sometimes do
When you and I allow them to.

From here to there, from there to here,
The food began to disappear.
It filled the people full of fear,
Yes, full of fear from ear to ear.

"Orpah! Ruth!" Naomi cried,
"The time is come, we must decide,
We have to leave, we cannot stay,
We cannot stay not now, no way!
From north to south, from west to east,
The men are gone, extinct, deceased."

"Without a man," Naomi said,
"We're all about as good as dead.
Just look at me, I'm old and wrinkled,
Sagged and bagged, and crooked and crinkled,
Crumpled, puckered, nooked and crannied,
Rip Van Winkled, grayed and grannied.
Oh there is just no hope in sight,
To find another Mister Right
Or even just a Daffy Duck,
An Elmer Fudd or Mr. Yuck.
The time is come, the time is now,
The time is come right now and how,
You must return, you must I say
Return back home right now today."

Naomi prayed that they would bite
And hoping you that she was right,
She packed her bags without a fight,
And left for home that very night.
But oh, not Ruth, not her, no way,
She had a thing or two to say,
"I can't return, I want to stay,
I will not go right now, today!
For where you are, is where I'll be,
And when you stay, you'll stay with me,
And when you die, I'll die with you,
And that is what I'm going to do.
Your God will be my God, and He
Will surely care for you and me."

Oh what a thing for Ruth to say,
A kind of thing can make your day,
And make you shout "hip hip, Horray!"
They hugged and kissed and packed up tight,
And left for Bethlehem that night.

Naomi? Is it really true?
What happened Girl! Just look at you!
Your hair, your clothes, your shoes, your toes,
Your eyes, your ears, your mouth, your nose,
You're lookin' pale! You're lookin' thin.
In fact if we may say again,
You're really looking more a kin
To something that the cat dragged in.

Well things looked bad the way things can,
But listen now, God had a plan.
"Oh Naomi, please don't cry,
Oh please don't cry,
I'll tell you why.
I'll find a farm, I'll be real nice,
I'll ask them once or maybe twice,
To take our jugs and jars and sacks,
And fill them full of treats and snacks.
Yes, crumbs and morsels, flakes and flecks,
Leftover kernels, crumbs and specks,
A black banana, bagels, locks,
Some cheese stuck to a pizza box.
I'll beg and plead, I'll sob and bleat,
I'll ask them for a tasty treat,
An itsy bitsy, teeny weenie, tiny scrap for us to eat.

So off she went, she did her thing,
She did it, never noticing
That someone had been fastening
His bulging eyes on everything.
"Who is that girl, out in my field,
And what's she doing!" Boaz squealed.
"Look at that hair, look at those eyes,
Excuse me just one minute guys,
I'd rather go and socialize."

He shaved his toes, he licked his lips,
He checked his teeth for cracks and chips,
He combed the bugs out of his hair,
Yes, Don Juan, double-debonair,
With savoir fair--extraordinaire.

Now don't be too quick to judge, Amen!?
Don't think what your thinking then,
For Boaz was a gentlemen.
"Please stay with us, take what you need,
Take what you need, and more indeed."
He loaded up all Ruthie's sacks
And jugs and jars with treats and snacks,
Yes it was true love at first sight,
A double thumping heart delight.
She headed home, oh what she found,
Her world was turning upside down.
She ran the whole way back to town,
About ten feet above the ground.

I'm telling you, tonight's the night,
Naomi grinned and if I'm right,
There's only one thing left to do
To get that man to say "I do."
So do they did, oh did they do,
They fluffed and puffed, they crimped, they curled,
They powdered, sweet perfumed and pearled,
They thanked the Lord, they sang His praise,
They marveled at his wondrous ways.
And off she went into the night,
To have and hold her Mister Right,
Her Mister Shining-Armored-Knight,
Her straight-from-heaven-sent delight.

Now as I'm sure that you suppose,
Boaz said "yes" when Ruth proposed,
Yes, Ruth proposed, that's what I said,
Just look it up, go right ahead.
They tied the knot and lived to be
Quite happy ever after-ly.
And soon God blessed them with a son,
A precious little baby one,
But wait! The story's far from done,
Because their son, he was the One
Who had a son who had a kid,
Known as King David, yes he did!
And David was the great, great, great, great, great,
Times three times one plus eight,
Great grand dad of a man who's wife
You've probably heard of all your life.

A man who's son to be precise
Was Jesus. No! Yes! Jesus Christ!
Just take a second. Think it through.
Oh what God will go and do.
For God is Love. And love is kind.
The kindest that you'll ever find.
The kindest that you'll ever see.
That's something else, don't you agree?

-"I Love Ruthie: The Story of Ruth(Perfect in His sight)", Phil A. Smouse.

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