Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flame- The Great Deception

Here is a taste of something we'll discuss Sunday morning for Mother's Day.

Here are the lyrics:

See the king and the queen, they were under bosses
Ruling everything, their dominion was exhausted
(Now let every creeping thing) except for God himself
And each other, but they represented God himself
In his image of perfection, joy, bliss, it was paradise
But I can hear the ploy, the hiss (no more being nice)
Of the serpent who slithers in the grass
And calls into question, the giver of the task (are you sure)
I know they brew over me (I'm the beast of the field)
But how can I persuade them (gotta get us out their minds)
Make'em think that they are animals (make'em think they are the king)
Then I can degrade them (then I got'em, I got'em)
This is my plot, but I'll have to use their appetites to twit them in a knot
(Tell'em they can be like God) Then maybe I can win
If I could use Adam's appetite to make him sin

I never saw me stumbling, I never thought I'd fall
The day that You created me, I know You gave Your all
You put so much of You in me
I almost lost it all
The great deception... ception... ception... ception

Look at the queen of the universe, walking in the garden

The image bearing empress, conversing with the fallen
(Serpent who was crawling) the evil spirit of Eden
Who tried to redefine the definition of freedom
Ju... ju... ju... ju... ju... ju... just eat the fruit from the tree
You are a goddess, you are deity
You are much more than God has revealed
Go ahead Eve exercise your reveal
Distinguish for yourself, good and evil
But who am I, I'm just a beast of the field
No the fruit is not lethal, just eat see how it makes you feel
And how it makes you think, and how it makes you act
Fact! Your God has been holding back
Scratch that, He is flat out lie
If you eat from the tree you will not surely die

From the dawn of history, the mystery of lawlessness
Hijack the cosmic order, interrupted flawlessness
Introduce fallenness and now the servant-king
Who used to rule the land forfeited everything
And now the image bearers, Adam and Eve
Gave up their authority and were forced to leave
The sanctuary of Eden, The world was the kingdom
But Adam brought the curse
Because of his disobedience
Now demonic powers, rule the universe
Satan is the leader, and death is the curse
The Father sent Jesus, to come press reverse
But he had to hit the wilderness first
To overcome temptation, overcome sin
These are the things that are common to man
And that's exactly what he did, after the resurrection
The safest place to be is in Him for protection
For perfection
For correction
To escape the great deception

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