Monday, April 30, 2012

What Bothers You More?: MacDonald on Being Freed From Religion

One of my favorite pastors is Dr. James MacDonald who serves as pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago, IL. Amanda and I have been there ourselves and really enjoyed our time in worship there. He has a daily radio, sermon ministry that I try to catch regularly and he is currently in a series on religion. His sermon Freedom From Religion has really hit me hard and I want to pass along a few of the questions he asks that really hit the mark.

What bothers you more, arriving at church with your hair out of place or with your heart out of place?
What bothers you more, no time with God this week or other people seeing your children misbehave?
What bothers you more, your need for more money or God's assessment of what your doing with the money you already have?
What is your greatest achievement? What are you most proud? Is it what you've accomplished or what you've become?

How would you answer these questions? What bothers you more?

James MacDonald - Freedom From Religion 

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