Thursday, August 4, 2011

Owenton Teen Finishes 2nd in National Bible Drill

For those who read the Western Recorder, you may have read an article about a teenager from Owenton, KY (my home town) who got 2nd place in the national Bible Drill recently.  She is my youth pastors daughter and I strongly encourage everyone to read the article.  We're excited for her, it is a great honor, and she deserves it.

Owenton—Fifteen-year-old Autumn Adkins has been doing Bible drills for as long as she can remember.

Even before she was allowed to compete at the associational level, Autumn would practice alongside her much-older brother. At age 6, she recalled snapping to attention with a magazine between her hands—mimicking his response to “present Bible.”

Nine years, six trips to state-level competition and countless hours of scripture memorization later, Autumn achieved her highest honor when she placed second in the National Invitational Youth Bible Drill and Speakers Tournament in Birmingham, Ala., June 24.

The event drew participants from 11 states who competed in the categories of Youth Bible Drill (grades 7-9), High School Bible Drill (grades 10-12) and Youth Speaker (grades 10-12). Autumn was invited to participate in the national youth drill after taking first in April at the state qualifying round in Elizabethtown.

“It was very exciting,” Autumn said of the national tournament. “I had worked hard for it and it definitely made my parents proud.”

But, Autumn noted, participating in Bible drills is much more than winning competitions. The monthly, weekly and sometimes daily practice schedule provides its own rewards. 

“It’s also about hiding His word in our hearts and, when tested, being able to give a testament of your faith,” Autumn said. Someone recently tested her, and Autumn said she was glad to have that knowledge base to defend her Christian beliefs.

Western Recorder - Owenton Teen Takes 2nd Place at National Bible Drill 

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Robert Reeves said...

It's great to see young people learning and loving God's word!