Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Word From the Pastor - February 2011

Obviously I'm really late, but I forgot to post this the first of this month.

Alert to the men of the congregation: Valentines Day is almost here.  Buy your chocolates.  Buy the roses.  Buy the bears.  Buy whatever it is she expects you to buy.  Valentines Day is a big deal these day and rightfully so.  To set aside a day to focus on the one you love is crucial.  But then again, why aren’t we doing this everyday? If we understood what love – real love – is, we wouldn’t need a holiday to remind us.  The Christian worldview begins with the cross and ends at the resurrection and it is there we find the true meaning of love.  Just as Christ died for us as a servant submitting His wants and needs for ours, so too we ought to do the same for each other – especially our spouse.  Sacrifice, service, submission, and selflessness are central to any definition of love.  We dare not confuse this sort of love with infatuation.  Infatuation is conditional and temporal, but the love Christ exemplified at the Christ is unconditional and eternal.  This means that Valentines Day is everyday to the Christian couple as everyday is a reminder of what the Savior did for us and what we ought to do everyday for each other.  Let the cross be the center of your marriage.  Then again, let the cross be the center of your life in all that you do.

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