Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jesus is Lord and I am His Slave: MacArthur on Being Slaves of Christ

The following is a sermon preached by r. John MacArthur regarding what it means to be slaves of Christ.  I agree with MacArthur that we are slaves of our Lord Jesus Christ who purchased us at a high cost at the cross.  He is my Lord and I am His slave.  This is language utterly lost by virtually every believer in the West today and explains why we are so anemic.  We cannot understand redemption without understanding the freedom we have gained from going from the slavery of sin, to slaves of Christ.  In the New Testament understanding, we go from being slaves of Christ, to friends, to children of God, to finally joint heirs.

I strongly encourage everyone to watch the first part of MacArthur's sermon available below.  Grasp this and everything else about the Christian life, Scripture, and the gospel itself will make much more sense.

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