Saturday, September 11, 2010

What Creation Reveals About God

All week I have been studying the doctrine of Creation and specifically God as Creator and why that matters.  Though we won't have time to discuss everything, I do want to pass along somethings that are important.  In his wonderful book Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe (RE: Lit) Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears identify a list of things that creation reveals about God.  I found this helpful:

    1.    God is the only God
    2.    God is Trinitarian
    3.    God is eternally uncaused
    4.    God is living
    5.    God is independent
    6.    God is transcendent
    7.    God is immanent
    8.    God is personal
    9.    God is powerful
    10.    God is beautiful
    11.    God is holy
    12.    God is a prophet
    13.    God is gracious
    14.    God is a sovereign king

We don't have time to explore each of these right now, but reflect on these and more could be added to this list.  It is important to note that behind each of these revelations is practical application.  All theology is practical.

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