Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Joseph, the Hyksos, and Archeology

A few Sunday's ago we discussed the story of Joseph and how it is a tail of God's Providence and an amazing story of forgiveness.  We pointed out some of the difficulties of dating Joseph and the story of the Exodus.  One of the popular beliefs is that Joseph was under Hyksos rule and not Egyptian.  This would explain why in Exodus 1 we are told that a king arose in Egypt who didn't know Joseph and didn't keep the promises made to Joseph's family and people.  If Joseph was under the Hyksos and Moses under the Egyptians, then this would make sense.

Well, recently archeologists have discovered what they believe to be the capital of the Hyksos kingdom known as Avaris.  The is the first time such a city has been discovered and could give us new insights into the Joseph story.  Interesting to say the least.

BBC - Ancient Egyptian city located in Nile Delta by radar
Evangel - Joseph in Egypt  

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