Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 21, 2010 - Matthew 5:38-42: I Surrender! I Surrender!

Sorry its a little late, but here is Sunday mornings audio and notes from Matthew 5:38-42.  I was blown away when I realized that the call to turn the other cheek, etc. was not about revenge or retaliation, but about surrender.  This is a text that we need to return to often.  Here is the description:

We have come full circle.  Actually, we never left the circle.  Every since Matthew 4:12ff, Matthew (though the ministry and teachings of Jesus) has exhorted Christians to do one thing:  surrender.  Now, in one of Jesus' most famous words, we are reminded that this call to surrender isn't for wimps but demands us to lose everything for Christ and we will gain what we cannot earn.


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