Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why Preach Expository?

Last month during our Men's Breakfast, we discussed expository preaching which is essentially using the biblical text, and the order in which it is presented, as the center-piece of hte sermon. This is why we have been going verse-by-verse through Matthew's Gospel and find ourselves in chapter 5.

Anyways, I came across DA Carson's defense of expository preaching. Here are his reasons why we should practice expository preaching in our churches and are among the reasons why I primarily do expository preaching each Sunday morning and Wednesday Night.

1. It is the method least likely to stray from Scripture.
2. It teaches people how to read their Bibles.
3. It gives confidence to the preacher and authorizes the sermon.
4. It meets the need for relevance without letting the clamor for relevance dictate the message.
5. It forces the preacher to handle the tough questions.
6. It allows the preacher to expound systematically the whole counsel of God.

H/T: Gospel Coalition

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