Monday, December 21, 2009

A Week of Links

I haven't been able to stay up on top of things lately, so here is a list of links that I recommend ya check out:

Vital Virginity - by Kevin Deyoung
This is a good article, written by an excellent pastor and author, on why the Virgin Birth is necessary.

Avatar: Ramboe in Reverse - by Dr. Russell Moore
Dr. Moore is a professor and administrator at SBTS and has written an excellent review regarding the new movie "Avatar." I encourage people to read it and think about what he says. I love the opening paragraph: "If you can get a theater full of people in Kentucky to stand and applaud the defeat of their country in war, then you’ve got some amazing special effects."

I Love the Gospel - by James MacDonald
I love Dr. James MacDonald. He is one of my favorite pastors in America. Here is a great video on how to share the gospel.

Luther's Simple Way to Pray - by Justin Taylor
This is an interesting insight into how the Great Reformer prayed.

NewsNote: The Death of Oral Roberts - by Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
Dr. Mohler is the President of SBTS. He has written an insightful article on the passing and legacy of Oral Roberts.

Mass. 2nd-grader sent home for crucifix drawing
This story was brought up one Wednesday night.

Unholy Trinity - by John MacArthur
Dr. MacArthur is no fan of TBN and he has good reason. In light of what we've been discussing on Wednesday nights, I found this to be a timely article. MacArthur is pretty straight forward and sounds harsh, but would Jude agree with him? I think so.

Is It Contextualization or Effective Communication? - Thabiti Anyabwile
Contextualization is big business today. Thabiti offers an important critique. The gospel is not subject to culture or opinion polls or dressing/music styles.

What have we done to the Gospel?!?! - Defending Contending Blog
Every Christian needs to know and take seriously Paul Washer. He says what we need to hear even if we don't want to hear it.

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