Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hardinsburg Controversy: Some Links

There is a lot of talk going around town about the baptism of some teenagers. The controversy surrounds the baptism that were performed without (in one case) the parents approval nor were they aware. Here are some links reporting the story. If anything changes, I'll try to post them. This is for those who want to know exactly what happened instead of just hearing rumors.

USA Today - Ky. school trip included baptisms
AP: Ky. mother upset by football player son's baptism
MSNBC: Mother upset by football player son’s baptism: Claims teen, fellow athletes taken to a Baptist revival by their coach
ABC News: Kentucky High School Coach Gets Players Baptized: Coach Scott Mooney's Actions Questioned After Field Trip Includes Baptisms
World Magazine: Coach under fire for church field trip
Courier Journal - Stick to football
National Post: Team road trip ends in baptism
WLKY: HS Players Baptized, Parents Upset: Nine Students Baptized After Altar Call

More could be listed, but this should be enough. This story has spread to the national level. It seems that the culture is appalled by the actions of the coach. It is amazing how angry our culture gets over the salvation and baptism of someone. Obviously, there are other issues here. But the anger over the fact that anyone would encourage someone to get saved and baptized is rather frightening.

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