Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weekly Recommendation: "How To Stay a Christian In College"

Since today is the last day of school, Friday will be graduation, and Sunday our graduation service, I wanted to recommend a book for all of our graduates, especially those who intend on going to college. The book, "How To Stay a Christian In College," was given to me my senior year from my youth pastor and I have held on to it sense. I frequently refer to it for help and understanding. And I now recommend it to our graduates.

College, especially a secular one, can be a culture shock for many young Christians. I can recount countless stories of professors at Amanda's school not only denying the validity of Christianity and the Bible but openly mocking and making fun of it. As a young Christian, this is intimidating. Most Christians go to college and are bombarded by other worldviews and get sucked into them all. Many go into college strong Christians, but leave oftentimes secular or something else.

Part of the blame should go to the local church. Are we, as a church, training our members and those who come through our doors well as we send them out? If not, then what must we do to better train them? Sadly, too many Christians don't even have the slightest idea of how to defend the faith or even what they believe or what the Bible says. This makes it extremely easy for professors and other students to intimidate and cause young Christians to question and doubt their faith.

And so, in preparation for college, I recommend this class as it lays out the various worldviews and cultures the typical student will encounter in college. It deals with things such as postmodernism, basic Christianity, culture engagement, politics, worldviews, etc. I highly recommend it as an important resource for young students who wish to not only remain strong in their faith but thrive and spread the faith to their fellow students and peers.

College can be scary. This is one resource that will help take away some of that fear.

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