Friday, February 6, 2009

Billy Graham and Eschatology

Assuming that we have church this upcoming Sunday (power is still out at the church), we will begin looking at the Olivet Discourse. And so I have been spending a lot of time looking at the end times, the book of Revelation, what Jesus had to say about His Second Coming, and similar issues.

Interstingly, Billy Graham, who just turned 90, has placed heavy emphasis on the second coming of Christ at his Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website. I would like to point everyone to an article by Christianity Today on the subject. In the article, the author wrote:

This year, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will focus on the return of Jesus Christ and help prepare believers for life in the last days, according to a recent announcement.

"People ask me, 'Do you really believe that Jesus Christ is going to come back to this earth again?'" writes the Rev Billy Graham in one of several resources that the ministry is providing on the End Times.

"Yes, I do,” he continues. “The Bible teaches that Jesus is coming again. And I don’t see any other hope, because we’re heading toward a catastrophe in our world."

As part of its effort, the ministry has compiled a number of End Times resources including a message delivered by Graham in 1998, a 2008 message from BGEA president and CEO Franklin Graham, an article adapted from a message delivered by Anne Graham Lotz in 1996, an End Times article on the basics of the Second Coming, and a couple of Q&As with Billy Graham that include a question on whether the world will end in 2009.

“The most important question, however, is this: Are you ready for Christ's return?” Graham writes after offering his response.

The BGEA is hoping that through its compilation of resources on the Second Coming of Christ, believers will learn how they can fulfil God's plan for their life, increase their love for the Saviour and grow their faith during these times — as if it were their last days.

“If that happens today, are you ready?” Graham poses.

After reading the article, I am left asking myself 2 questions

  1. Am I ready if Christ comes to Me? That is, am I ready for the return of Christ?
  2. Am I ready if I go to Christ? That is, am I ready for death and the life after?

The real question is, am I a true believer that has embraced the cross and do I produce the fruit of that conviction? These are the questions that the study of the end times should drive us to ask.

Are your ready?


I want to recommend some books about Billy Graham that I have reviewed. I have read a lot from and about Graham and so this is not an complete list of what I have read. These are only books that I have personally reviewed.

"Billy Graham: His Life And Influence" by David Aikman- My favorite biography on Graham. I love how Aikman writes and have read a number of his books.

THE EVANGELIST - This traces the theology of Graham.

"Why?: Trusting God When You Don't Understand" by Ann Graham Lotz - this is the daughter of Billy Graham. I was a bit disappointed with this book.

"The Preacher and the Presidents" - I just finished reading this book. I love to study the Presidents, and I admire Billy Graham. Anyone interested in either or both should pick up this book!

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